Welcome to niallM1.com

Hello! My name is Niall. Welcome to my website, niallM1.com! I am a freelance web developer and graphic designer based in sunny Harare, Zimbabwe.


I’ve just relaunched this new website so I hope you enjoy the new design. I’m still working on it so stay tuned! :-)


What is this site about? Well, in the fewest words possible niallM1.com is a website devoted to anything and everything to do with technology, web development and graphic design.


At the moment I’m working on articles for this blog to do with Mac, PC and Linux help as well as advice on how to buy technology related products.

I am also working on some free downloads; so-called freebies or giveaways for you to enjoy such as website templates and desktop backgrounds. Aren’t you guys so blessed?!

On top of that I’ll be reviewing various online services and offline products that might tickle your fancy.


If you would like to view my portfolio then please do so by clicking one the following links: niallM1.com Portfolio

If you would like me to do some work for you then please see what website and graphic design services I offer by clicking here: niallM1.com Website and Graphic Design Services.


If you would like to contact me then click the following link: Contact Niall. Feel free to add me on Facebook, TwitterGoogle+ or subscribe to my YouTube Channel


I hope you will come back soon to see what’s happening with this blog…I promise you, you won’t be disappointed! :-) And remember, “Sharing is Caring” so share, comment, like, discuss…

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