My Portfolio and Website Updates…Internet Access Speeds – How Fast is Yours? I hate slow internet!

Hello there!


I have just uploaded some new pictures and details for my web development and graphic design portfolio which can be found here: I still have a lot left to upload and thanks to Zimbabwe being statistically the most expensive and worst/slowest country in the world for internet access, it’s not as easy as it seems. I absolutely HATE slow internet! I just did a internet speedtest via and the results are below:


Powertel 3G Zimbabwe Speedtest Results


I’m using so-called 3G but it’s actually 2.75G via a company called Powertel Communications Zimbabwe. Bearing in mind it’s around 4 O’Clock in the morning here, the internet speedtest results are just terrible! But according to the image, although I only get 0.39Mb/s download speed and 0.08Mb/s upload speed with a relatively low ping time of 258ms, my internet is still only slower than 65% of Zimbabwe, whose population is about 13 million people (although I wonder how many have actually used this test. Now you can imagine my displeasure whilst reading the comments about how slow the internet in my video was and seeing the dislikes on my YouTube video entitled “Fast Internet Connection and Download Speed – Comcast Cable” which you can view below:

I recorded this screencast whilst on holiday in Chicago, USA in 2009. I think I need to upload a video in response to show them how slow my current internet is so they can see what I am comparing the Comcast Internet to.


To put it in perspective, it will take a couple of minutes to download an average 3MB or 4MB MP3 file. Why don’t you test your internet speed by clicking the following link: and let me know in the comments below how fast or slow your internet is (although I don’t think you’ll beat me):

  1. Click “Begin Test”
  2. Once the speedtest is finished click “Share this result”
  3. Once the image like the one above this text shows, click “Forum”
  4. Click the “Copy” button
  5. Post the link in the comments section below by pressing CTRL-V on Windows or CMD-V on a Mac (if you’re a Linux user I doubt you need to know how to do this so don’t feel left out).
  6. Please also post your download, upload speeds and ping times as well.
Here’s another one I did whilst I wrote the instructions on how to use the speedtest for you:
Powertel 3G Zimbabwe Internet Download and Upload Speed and Ping Times

In the next few days I’m going to give you a free guide on how to optimize your internet connection for faster downloads and faster web browsing. Believe it or not, even slow internet like mine can be optimizied for Mac, Linux and even Windows.


If you’d like to see what download and upload speeds are the fastest by countries click here: The Fastest Internet Speeds In The World. According to this article by Forbes South Korea will soon have 1Gbps residential connections. Here in Zimbabwe, I read that a goverment company called TelOne, which provides the only landline services in Zimbabwe and also provides ADSL services, has a total capacity of about 2.84Gbps. Puts it in perspective; there’s a massive difference between slow internet and the fastest internet.


Anyways, about my portfolio…To be honest I had no clue that although I haven’t had so much work recently I actually have quite a diverse portfolio. By the way, I don’t like the word p-o-r-t-f-o-l-i-o because I keep spelling it p-o-r-f-o-l-i-o (you see? I did it again!). Also, the title of this post is “Niall’s Portfolio” as I just think it’s really funny to refer to yourself in the third person.


Anyways, the articles on web development, graphic design, Mac, PC, Linux, technology etc. are still coming. I was in hospital last Friday on a drip after having food poisoning and I’m still recovering but don’t despair! The first article, well review, will be on the site today, so check it out!






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