Free HTML 5 Cheat Sheets Infographic 2012 – Courtesy of InMotion Hosting

HTML5 has the got to be one of the greatest improvements to the internet as a whole. Soon we’ll be seeing even more brilliant websites and web applications being created using HTML5 such as the one from my previous post Alessio Atzeni‘s wonderful recreation of the Mac OS X Lion User Interface.


If you need some help coding your website in HTML5 then InMotion Hosting has these great HTML 5 cheat sheet infographics available for free. Click on the links or the images to view the cheat sheets:


HTML5 Cheat Sheet – Tags

HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Tags

HTML5 Cheat Sheet By InMotion Hosting – A Virtual Private Servers Provider


HTML5 Cheat Sheet – Event Handler Attributes

HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Event Handler Attributes

HTML5 Cheat Sheet By InMotion Hosting – A Web Hosting Provider


HTML5 Cheat Sheet – Browser Support

HTML5 Cheat Sheet - Browser Support

HTML5 Cheat Sheet By InMotion Hosting – A Dedicated Server Provider


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  1. says

    Has anything changed in the last 14 months to make HTML5 not appear as good as this article states? The last thing we need to do with our business is to chase a ‘fad’.

    Who else has some updated information on this?

  2. says

    How quickly do you think adoption is going? I am a programmer, but having to use js and obviously html for some web app stuff. I find myself wondering whether to stick with HTML last gen or just go with simple HTML 5. I would like to only do one or the other.

    What do you think? And thanks for the cheat sheets :)


    • says

      You are welcome Kevin!

      Absolutely use it now! Here’s some advice:
      Read this free whitepaper about Web Apps using HTML5 too:

      Microsoft should be releasing Windows 8 this year and that has Internet Explorer 10 which has support for HTML5. All the newer versions of browser for quite a while have supported HTML5. Mobile browsers benefit especially from HTML5 as stuff you could normally not view with a phone such as Flash can be created in HTML5. If you use a fallback for older browsers such as IE6, IE7 etc. using something like Modernizer there’s no reason why you can’t use it now. As it has great support for semantic coding, it may help with SEO as well.

      Let me know if there’s any other resources you need.

      p.s. check out Google’s source code with an HTML5 browser; it uses HTML5 markup. YouTube has a test section where you can watch videos that playback using HTML5 instead of Flash.

  3. says

    Very helpful charts but thx for updated html5 link! Looking forward to the new site redesign…that is if it hasn’t already taken place…thx *bookmarked*

  4. MLYarrow says

    Do you have this information updated? I need the browsers support comparison with the current versions of each browser, thanks, that will be great!

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