Mac OS X Mountain Lion – Apple’s New Operating System. What does it mean for regular users?

Apple has posted a sneak preview of it’s latest operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. You can view it here:


Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview


If you are part of the Mac Developer Program you can download the Mac OS 10.8 developer preview by clicking the link below:


Mac OS 10.8 Developer Preview download


Unfortunately, I live in Zimbabwe; we haven’t had power for the last 11 hours and the batteries for the inverter we’re using for backup power is almost flat. I wanted to write a great article but sadly my Mac’s battery is about to go! :-(


So I’ll have to give you links to some decent articles from well-known sites:


The Next Web

The Loop


Now, I guess I need to write a review: Mac OS X 10.8 vs Windows 8 when my power decides to…


  1. says

    Did you get your power situation sorted out, Niall, and di you have any more updates about Mountain Lion? We are looking at different os right now.

  2. says

    I hope that you are still posting. These articles are really informative, but are over a year old. We loved your HTML5 Cheat sheets. How about catching us up on how these ‘new’ developments look one year later?

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